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                                                       Members are invited to submit pictures for this section (together with a short description)

                                                                 of an event or occasion that they think could be of interest to other members.

                                                                   Details should be sent to:       mac.mcarthur@btinternet.com


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                                                                             Next years charity for the IW CAMC Centre is “The Friends of the Animals”

                                               Pictured is Helen Sinclair Founder of the charity who was given an MBE in recognition of the work she has done

                                               for all types of animals over many years

                                               Kens dog Boo, and Macs dog Lucy, both came from The friends of the Animals

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Picture: Lee Day





                                                         Helen Sinclair gave a brief talk to Members, on the work the charity Friends of the Animals does.

                                           Members enjoyed a very filling breakfast at the Chequers Country Inn Rookley.             November 4, 2017




                                                                               The AGM. Held at Appuldurcombe. Octotober 15, 20                                                      Picture: Lee Day               



                                                          Cheque presented to the Kissy Puppy Charity.        Next years Charity is, The Friends of the Animals

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Picture : Lee Day




                                                                A surprisingly high number of entrants for the photographic competition at the AGM




                                                           David presenting the Photographic shield to Rosie and Mike , winners of this years photographic competition

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Picture : Lee Day



                                                                        A good spread for the American Supper at the AGM





                                                                         A Good turnout for this years penultimate Rally at  Eddies Farm.  October 2017



                             Sandra and Jeff really pulled out all the stops on this Rally, even providing Members with a baked potato supper




                                             An Eddies Farm Rally would not be the same without a bonfire, and this year we had toasted Marshmallows too.....


                                              Flag at Eddies turned out to be one of the longest some Members have experienced,  no one left early,
                                          most seemed to be reluctant to leave at all, enjoying the very  good weather, good company, and the
                                          excellent organisational skills of Sandra and Jeff and their helpers which helped to make this rally
                                          a truly memorable one for all participants



                                                           Members organized a surprise gathering for Glenys and David after they had renewed their marriage vows at

                                                   All Saints Church Ryde, in celebration of their Golden Wedding Anniversary        September 30, 2017



                                                              The happy couple                                                                                                                                            September 30, 2017



                                                                Debbie looks up, seeking divine inspiration, on how she should cut the cake for so many people




                                                                                                               All sorted .........




                                                                     Of course Mike could not resist it,  playing the Holy Trinity Church Organ   September 30, 2017




                                           David performs his Birthday song and dance act on the refurbished trailer floor            Picture: Sandra Johnson




                        Rosie and Mike can always be relied on to provide great entertainment on occasions but at the Nettlestone Rally they really

                excelled themselves. Choosing a 60s music theme and joined by Geoff,Veronica and Andy they soon had Members singing along

                      to old 60s popular songs.Some Members even dressed up in their “old gear”                                          Nettlestone August 2017


                                                                        Marlene and Lee really looked the part for the evening




                                                              Marlene's psychedelic flares



                                                                                                             On full song …........  Nettlestone August 2017



                                                                 Because David and Ken were on their own at Nettlestone, Sue  decided to give them a full English breakfast

                                                on Saturday morning, Strangely they did not seem impressed......no idea why, it was all there in the tin !




                                            Paradise Cottage.  Eight units attended                                                                    Picture. Cyndi



                                                                           A good spread for the American Supper,  Paradise Cottage. Chale                                     Picture . Cyndi




                     16 units attended the Rally at Thorn Cross Farm, don’t be fooled by the azure sky, it was a wet and windy weekend at times.

                                                                                                                           July 2017




     After cooking bacon butties for Members, and later square doughnuts, the Chairman gets to taste the fruits of his own labour,

     Thorn Cross Farm ,July 2017.





                                   Becoming known as the “fall guy” in the club, Ken missed the Thorn X Rally due to injuries sustained in a fall  at

                          Ventnor Ruby Club, hence a visit to St Mary's was the high light of his Rally

                          His face was a picture when the nurse offered him a real zimmer frame to help him go to Xray




                                           View from one of the many walks around  our Rally at Ventnor Rugby Club.  July 2017   Picture: Rosie & Mike




                                                            What Members enjoyed at our Saturday evening get together at Ventnor Rugby Club




                     We had two Birthdays to celebrate at the Rugby club, Delia Hebeon who was 21 (again?) and Boo the dog who was 9,

                               Boo even had a cake, and of course she shared it with all the Members afterward.  July 2017.




                                    The Triathlon Rally, Lawn darts, Petanque and Horseshoe throwing,  Beapers Farm. June 2017.




                                                                        Let the games begin.....





                                                                         The Winners





                                   Chequers Inn at Rookley. Nothing like having a pub next door to the site, the food was great and the staff helpful and friendly

                           making it a very enjoyable stay for Members. June 2017.



                                                Coffee morning Chequers Inn. June 2017




           Concerns were expressed when it was advised that our Rally Secretary Ken Bolton had fallen over twice in one week recently,

          so it was thought that the accessory shown in the above picture could perhaps be helpful to Ken in keeping him upright.

         There seemed to be no explanation for Kens falls, but it was noted that Lidl had a very good offer on Zinfandel that week ?

         June 2017.




                                                                     First meeting at Ninham Farm, 17 units attended. May 2017


                                                                                     Coffee morning at Ninham Farm. May 2017



                                                             A good turnout of 23 units  for the  Havenstreet  41st Birthday Rally, April 28 - May 1, 2017 



                                             The ever popular BBQ, Havenstreet. April 2017




                                                                                                                                   Cake made by, Jane  


                                                                                                                       The Chairman doing the cake cutting



                                                                                                        Graham entertaining Members, Havenstreet April 2017 



                                                                                  Debbie looking just a touch apprehensive, as to what Graham is going to sing to her next




                                                      The woodland walk at Havenstreet, displaying an abundance of Blue bells                                                        Picture, Graham    




                                                                                    12 Units attended the Whitefield Rally.    March 31  -  April 2, 2017.      Picture. Cyndi





                                                                        21 units booked in for the first seasons rally at Appuldurcombe March 2017.    Picture. Graham Morris


                                                                                            Fish and chip supper as popular as ever, Appluldurcombe March 2017



 ; Ken had everyone guessing as to what was the connection between Glenys and Pauline, Even they did not know ! Appuldurcombe March 2017.



                               Graham has seen the light, and so did everyone else when he displayed it on his van. Appuldurcombe March 2017.



                                                                   Breakfast at Puck Pool. February 18, 2017



                                                                                                                   Centre Dinner at Shanklin January 14, 2017.  Picture. Ken



                                                                                                         The Raffle prizes at the Centre dinner in Shanklin,  The money raised going to 'Kissy Puppy',

                                                                                                         The Centres charity for the year.                                                                                               Picture Cyndi



                                                               Father Christmas again paid us a visit at our coffee morning at Butterfly World.  December 11, 2016




                                                              Santa's reindeer had a lot of fuss made of her